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About us

Swara Trading Company is a renowned Czech and Slovak foods & drinks supplier in the UK. With an experience of over 15 years, the distribution company has become a popular name in the household.

With an exclusive range of more than 2000 products and many International brands, we supply to wholesalers, independent chains, small businesses and stores nationwide. We source our inventory from Central Europe and work together with our clients to deliver premium-quality products to our customers.

Czech & Slovak cuisine is an edifice resting on three mighty columns: Sustainability, Nutrition and Taste. Showcasing a fresh and vibrant range of mouth-watering, scrumptious ready to eat meals and easy to use ingredients is our passion.

Our team is dedicated towards the cause and works with their whole spirit. They not only guide and suggest the customers but offer first-class service as well.

We believe that if we want to create a future in food service, we will have to bring great food experiences. Our work should inspire our clients to leave the traditional path and order what they need from our eCommerce store. They need to know that they can have everything right at their doorstep without stepping out of their offices and homes.

Your true partners by heart

We know that a kitchen is the heart of food businesses, and we see ourselves working with you as a part of your kitchen. We can thrive in your business by sharing our food experiences with you.

As a team, we are committed to understanding your challenges and finding the right solution to your needs.

A partner that brings expertise

We are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we deal in. From product innovation to insights, we are masters of our subjects. We make sure that every food item is fresh and never short of the expiry date.

From local food chains to International corporations, we help all food businesses to maintain their quality, grow and achieve their goals.

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